Singapore Street Food

If you have ever visited Singapore or live there, then you must know about Hawker centers- the food stalls that probably represents whole of Asian cuisine along with western food. In this picture you can see a chinese style ‘Clams Stir Fry’

Hilsa in Mustard Sauce

One of the delicacies of bengal.Take mustard oil, heat it till smoky, add 3-4 whole red chillies, and nigella seeds, saute till the aroma develops, add the paste of mustard, yogurt, poppy seeds and green chillies ( all these spices can be adjusted to your taste, I like it more mustardy), give it a boil, add your fish (you can lighly fry it before but if the fish has eggs, need to be careful with it so that it cooks through), put on a lid, after 10-15 on medium heat, it should be done, add slit green chillies to your taste. Serve with hot white rice.

Home Style Pizza